Coca Cola Life

Gone are the days when viral was a term we associated normally with fever. The internet is a foot-tapping shark that waits to be fed. An fed it is by virulent content at a frenzied speed. And not just by nacho chomping, pot bellied, bespectacled, funny smelling blokes. Everyone is competing for webspace these days. Internet flora and fauna. Myriad in its diversity, from being overwhelmingly new to humiliatingly cliched (like comparing it to the rainforest. #lol). Anyway, so things get very easily viral these days. Usually cats and naked celebrities in compromising positions top the list. Love the former, don’t know about the latter. But thankfully, once in a while, you come across absolute wonders. And I am eternally grateful to whoever it is that created this magical portal of awesomeness.

I have always, always loved Coca Cola advertisements and I have no shame admitting that it’s my preferred brand of soft drinks perhaps only because of their ad campaigns. Otherwise I’d opt for a Thums Up any day. Absolute pioneers in terms of branding and marketing, with or without celebrities. Right since the Victorian age, through the gaudy early 20th century of bootlegging and Prohibition down to Beatnik times and the booming 80’s when they introduced Diet Coke “just for the taste of it” to the 90’s when they launched the “Always Coca Cola” campaign and gave us the dear, dear, dear polar bears in the Northern Lightsy afterglow sharing Coke down to present times where it has successfully continued to associate the brand image with a sense of joy, optimism and togetherness. It has always been so much more than just a beverage. It taps in, and beautifully so, into human emotions and triggers something our subconscious mind perhaps, something warm and nice, which stays. Positive impressions, or whathaveyou. It works. Coca Cola for me is about polar bears frolicking in the snow. It is about Aamir Khan saying “Thanda Matlab Coca Cola” in that inimitably cheeky way. It is about “Umeedo waali Dhoop” and “Sunshine waali Asha”. It’s about a fire breathing dragon that breathes out pretty fireworks after a drink of Coke. It’s about breaking borders and crossing barriers as two perennially bickering nations reach out in an intensely human fashion, a “Small World Exchange”. That, for me, is Coca Cola.

Why these random exaltations? Because I chanced upon another lovely Coke ad. About parenthood and the anxieties faced by new parents. Starting with the initial thrill of finding out about the pregnancy to the challenges they face in their every day lives after the baby arrives, envying  care free couples around them. The ad concludes with the exasperated father screaming when they find out the mother is expecting their second child. Beautifully executed, wonderfully touching ad. One thing I truly don’t mind going viral on the net.