Skinny Girls are not Glamour Girls

“Skinny-shaming? What the hell is that? You’re lucky to be so effortlessly thin…”
“She looks like a bag of bones. REAL men wouldn’t look at her twice.”
“REAL women have curves. And REAL men love that.”
“She must be anorexic.”
“Or a dopehead.”
“Maybe both!”

This is nothing new. We have all seen and heard this. In real life, or on the blessed internet, where there are indulgent memes bashing thin women- piling on hate and getting away with it. Because, you know, skinny people obviously do not feel bad or anything. They are lucky bitches, right? Only the fat of the land can be sensitive.

So we get to see a lot of these

rael men2Just like in the good old days, women were subject to this:

skinnyad3And a bit of this too:

skinnyad2So nothing much has changed. Evidently. People were misogynistic pigs then, and people are misogynistic pigs now (maybe not pigs, they are nice, friendly creatures). And body shaming persists. Which is why, on social networking sites, we often find men (and boys) commenting on photos stating how they’d never get attracted to “a pile of bones”, or how the girl is “pretty but way to boyish” or “flat chested”, or “got no meat on her”. And women join them, enthusiastically. Gloating about how curves make a real woman and are markers of beauty. Often throwing in little bits of personal information and anecdotes (such as their cup size or some such). When you post a photo on a social networking site. You do it to get the attention. You know you are under scrutiny. But that’s no reason for unwanted hate, right?

People are apparently more sensitive these days. Which is why, calling a fat person fat is offensive. And people object. So do I. Why? Because it IS darn right offensive. But somehow, somewhere, there must be some unwritten law which warrants unplugged, open skinny hating, because you can get away with it. Because being skinny strips of you having body-image issues. The fat have a monopoly over that. Skinny plight? What the hell is that? That’s just ridiculous right?

Of course, many thin people have eating disorders. Bulimia and what not. But so do fat people. That’s not the point. The point is, why is the other end of the body size spectrum subject to such abuse and contempt? Everyone is entitled to body positivity, right? Body shaming can NEVER be okay. You cannot hate on a plus sized woman (or man) and the same way, don’t think you can get away with jibes at a thin person either. How does it matter anyhow? It’s all about personal lifestyle choices and after all, the only thing that DOES matter is if you are comfortable with your own body.

I mean, what the hell is this?
Body Shapes Sketch for blogAnyway. Some people can’t help being thin, just the way some people are not fat by choice. Some people are comfortable with their extra weight. Some are not. Some like an extra helping of dessert, and similarly, there are some who love running an extra half hour on the treadmill to burn off that extra helping.


Accept people the way they are, it saves a lot of headache. Unless of course they are trying to steal your books or harassing a puppy on the road. Then you can legitimately bash them up.