Guess who’s back?

Wow. Talk about a LONG hiatus.

It’s been a while since I paid this blog a visit. Time for a resurrection of sorts now, I suppose. Frankly, there has been too much going on. Major life changes, decisions and revisions and all that jazz. A lot of moving around, job switches, city hopping. Somethings have remained constant however:

Creative differences
Clients who KNOW. And yes, they KNOW BETTER.

Lot of realizations and introspection have taken place in the life of little me.

The life of an ad(wo)man is a whirlwind of sorts. There’s no space for boredom, sure, but a lot of space for regrets, repentance and…retribution.

So I guess I will be writing more often now. It’s a sunny late-autumn (there’s no such thing as autumn in India, I am just romanticizing) morning. And I shall not let the suspicious looking cup of tea in front me give me the Monday heebie-jeebies.