Give voice to your impulse. Speak out loud. And clear. Because sooner than later, you’ll forget all about it.

 Speak now or forever hold your peace…

 Your mind might be a brilliant montage, a stunning kaleidoscope of creative compulsions. You should let it explode, give the catalyst. Speak about it.

 Speak about the divisions and statis in your thoughts, in the government, in filial affections. Speak about the trivialities of everyday life. About the daily subway journey to your office, the coffee shops you visit, the faces that frequent them, the faces that never return.

 Negotiate with the mundane and maybe it will reward you with something extraordinary.

Speak about your confrontations with an empty wallet on a Friday night. Speak about your disappointing business lunch, your annoying blind date. Speak about the blessed indulgence of five more minutes on sleep on a Monday morning. Speak about that movie you always meant to watch and finally did, alone, thankfully. Speak about the murderous thoughts you get about a stranger’s bawling kid in a movie hall. You shall not be judged.

Speak about the assumptions of a metropolitan life. About recycled New Year resolutions.

Speak about desire, and desperation. About moments of crisis and failed tests of character.

Speak about the danger lurking around the next corner you take. About sudden bursts of anger that threaten to underpin all the compassion in you. And how you overcome them.

Better still, write about it. Because writing lets you create your own dreamscape. No, it does not have to be a sensual soliloquy, heck it doesn’t even have to be coherent. You’re not scripting an epic monologue for a tragic hero coming to terms with hamartia.

Write for yourself. Write because it gives you freedom.


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